Court hears teen king hit in fatal attack

Court hears teen king hit in fatal attack

A 17-year-old Kingston teen who was kill우리카지노ed by an Uber driver in 2015 has been awarded $35 million in legal damages.

David Zablocki’s parents, John and Elizabeth Zablocki of Mississauga, Ont., said in a statement that they are still shocked by the amount of money that they lost.

“(We were) very proud of the work of the courts and the lawyers,” the Zablockis said. “The trial judge recognized the magnitude of the loss and agreed that a large amount of money should be allocated to the Zablockis for jarvees.comtheir loss of a son and a lifelong member of our family.”

David Zablocki was killed in a car-sharing service in October 2015. A Crown witness who was fired from Uber after a fight with customers claimed the teenager drove the vehicle, hit Zablocki, slammed into the car in the intersection of Boulton, the intersection where the Zablockis own home in Etobicoke, Ont., where Uber is based. The Zablockis live near the intersection.

Uber argued that the Crown had no grounds to proceed with the case.

The Zablockis said they have not had any contact with Zablocki since the trial, but they felt compelled to come forward because of what happened to David.

“I really feel that it’s important that others who knew him to know,” said the Zablockis. “We want people to know what really happened.”

The Zablockis said the jury has yet to reach a verdict on the amount the court awarded in Mr. Zablocki’s death, but that they plan to contact the media and say they would like to see the trial concluded quickly.

Mr. Zablocki, born in a small town of 200 people in southwestern Ontario and raised in a Toronto suburb, was a former football standout with a strong interest in soccer. He started playing basketball and lacrosse at the University of St. Catharines high school and went on to play track in Ontario.

He was a member of the St. Catharines High football team.

In a stat바카라사이트ement posted to Twitter by lawyer Daniel Vaklini, the lawyers said the Zablockis wanted to “continue the support for David by paying his outstanding medical bills.”

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