What is Solve Ninja?

Solve Ninja refers to 2 things - 1. A neighbourhood problem solver - working alone, or as needed, their community, local governance and local Citizen Sector Organisations OR 2. A platform of tools built on Samaaja - with the core purpose of helping activate citizens who want to become Solve Ninjas and don't know where to start

Some great Solve Ninjas

Navneet Kaur

I enjoy activating youth to take local problem solving actions. Last Week, I was invited by NYKS Mansa and Cultural Club Mansa for the district level reward function to get an award from the Honourable speaker of Punjab , S. Kultar Singh Sandhwan for efforts in working with youth.


Alena, a shy and introverted teenager, is curious and reserved. She asked about self-discovery through problem-solving. Her group tackled the issue of spillage in boys' urinals causing bad odors and unuse. At first, Alena struggled to relate but has since taken charge, becoming confident and entering the boys' washroom to fix their solution when the boys refused. Despite being in an uncomfortable and new situation, she stayed to fix it even after the boys left.

Chidananda, Nelamangala Bala cabinet President

After realizing there was no Makkala Grama Sabha in his village, he organized one in local schools. At Narayanpura, 18 students attended, and 92 students and teachers attended at Honnenahalli. He discussed the importance of the Sabha and the problems faced by children in school and outside. He collected data on the problems and submitted it to the grama panchayat. Issues included lack of water, playgrounds, book storage, proper transportation, clean water, and proper drainage. He engaged students with games and activities, resulting in 50 students registering for the community.

Components of the Solve Ninja Platform

Solve Ninja Chatbot

Leveraging the power of Whatsapp, this bot has 70K+ users constantly crowdsourcing information and taking fun challenges to solve local neighourhood problems. It acts as a channel to build 21st century problem solving skills


An open source civic engagement backend, it is co-created with FOSS United. It is designed as a self deployable tool for non profits wanting a free tech platform designed ground up to enable citizen engagement. Our Solve Ninja Bot submits crowdsourced data here to compute the Solve Ninja's skills and power the samaajdata maps.


A map anonymising and visualising data housed on Samaaja, it allows Citizens, Local Governance, Experts and local CSOs to work on crowdsourced and crowd validated data to solve local problems sustainably. In the future, it will also analyse data and present trends so users can leverage the intelligence and focus on problem solving.

Solve Ninja Forum

Want to ask an expert something? This is your Forum! Learn best practises, ask questions, see how others solved problems!

Solve Ninja Leaderboard

Built on Samaaja, this visualises and pulls up the top movers and shakers of the community

Solve Ninja Skills Profile

Impact so far

What Solve Ninjas and the platform together has achieved over the years


Solve Ninjas activated over 12 states.