Our Mission

We strive to be a platform that inspires youth to become action-based citizen champions called Solve Ninjas. Activating Solve Ninjas in every community across India, to tackle local civic and environmental problems using Local Data, Local Campaigns and Local Solutions.

How do we activate Solve Ninjas?

Programs & Events

Grassroots mobilisation through experiential public problem solving that develops 21st century skills in schools, colleges and communities.

Civic Tech

Technology platforms that enable young citizens to collaboratively take action towards solving local problems and supporting local governance

Solve Network

The Solve Network; people, institutions and organisations who are united behind the mission of activating India’s action-based young citizens.

Solving made simple


Ninjas Activated


Hours spent in public problem solving


Increase in civic actions taken by Solve Ninjas


Civic Innovations created by Solve Ninjas

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