Dearer prawns this christmas and then i got a chicken dish with rice and beans from my mother

Dearer prawns this christmas and then i got a chicken dish with rice and beans from my mother. And the biggest difference is now there is no salt added. They were delicious and I’m really happy this meal comes with rice and beans and a plate.

Love this place. Had the red sauce chicken. The chicken was super juicy. Had good flavour, just not as good as I expected. The chicken salad too is awesome. The salad comes with a ton of vegetables with good textures. I love the chicken salad. My favourite salad of all time. I also liked the sour cream, a hint of vanilla and lemon and it tasted so good I had to save it for dessert

This is the place I had my best experience trying to order. A great staff, the prices are perfect. Even better the food was delicious. My only regret is the quality of the food. The chicken was delicious but the bread was no더킹카지노t crisp, no crunch it was a little soft. On another note, there is NO salt in here. It’s good but don’t expect a salt free food.

Amazing! We lo우리카지노ve the quality and the service on a daily basis here. We really enjoy their menu here and always order the food with more salt, or on the side. The atmosphere is cool, it’s great for a relaxed place, and everyone here is incredibly helpful and kind to everyone. I love the atmosphere here, especially their cocktails!

I always love making my own seafood. I started this place when I moved to town a더킹카지노nd tried everything there. I had a friend go up to the menu and they said that they were always on the go with a group of people so I took her there and ordered the Salmon with Tomatoes. The Salmon tasted good, but I wanted more of the sweetness, and so we ordered the Salmon and the Green Chile Verde. Both were wonderful! Both came in little pieces and were incredibly moist and good. If I could recommend one thing though, the Verde was more bitter, and my friend preferred the Salmon the taste the Salmon.

When you’re in Chinatown this isn’t the food joint to go to, if you want Chinese comfort food that’s good. The food here is okay, but not very good. We got the Chicken with shrimp and broccoli for an appetizer and our friend ordered the Garlic Cucumber and Mushrooms for an entree. These were really good, we got the garlic cucumber so it would’ve been perfect with this dish. If you want something spicy, ad

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