Man pleads guilty to multiple charges stemming from 2016 police chase

Man pleads guilty to multiple charges stemming from 2016 police chase

The U.S. attor더킹카지노ney’s office announced that a 28-year-old man had pleaded guilty to two charges of operating as a fugitive from justice.

Christopher M. Johnson pleaded guilty to driving under the influence while operating a motor vehicle while the vehicle was a public roadway after police chased him through Orange County, officials said.

Johnson was driving a Honda Accord on the westbound Santa Ana Freeway and was involved in a head-on collision with another vehicle, officials said.

The crash resulted in serious injuries to two passengers.

During the pursuit Johnson lost control and crashed into the passenger-side side of a light pole and onto the median, officials said. As Johnson was driving away from the crash, the driver’s side door burst open, resulting in a fire and multiple broken windows.

The driver of the red Dodge Durango was flown to a local hospital for treatment of minor burns to her left arm, thigh and chest area, police said.

Authorities identified Johnson as a fugitive from justice, but said no charges had been brought against him because of his plea bargain and the fact that his prior convictions are for DUI.

The accident occurred as part of a high-speed pursuit in the Santa Ana Hills early Sunday morning.

Johnson had been driving at up to 100 miles per hour when police pulled up alongside his Honda Accord. Johnson immediately attempted to flee, officials said. As the vehicle travel바카라ed down an embankment, Johnson began honking his horn repeatedly to get motorists to stop and he drove onto the grassy median for a brief moment, officials said.

He then stopped on a curve and turned left to run over pedestrians.

As he did so police located the Durango, drove it onto a sidewalk, and attempted to stop him from driving across the median but Johnson accelerated with reckless disregard, officials said.

Officers chased Johnson in the opposite direction of the accident for over a mile and ended up blocking one lane of traffic. As they did so, Johnson ran through a second lane and onto a curb, authorities said.

As Johnson fled from the area police attempted to detain him with their patrol cars, but he failed to comply and fled without paying, authorities said. Johnson 더킹카지노crashed into a tree and went through two broken windows, officials said.

He was captured about 2 a.m. at a traffic light in the Santa Ana Hills and taken to a hospital, officials said.

He was also charge

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