Ninja Labs

Find cool innovations and ideas by our Solve Ninjas that are solving our neighbourhood’s toughest problems. Here at the labs, our philosophy is simple. Build civic solutions that are:

Hyper Local

Cost Effective

Do it Yourself

Featured Innovations

Breathe: D-I-Y Air Quality Monitor

Solving the problem of making air quality data accessible to citizens.


Making composting at home easy.

D-I-Y Human Centered Design Dustbin

Solving the problem of making waste segregation super easy.

Waterless Urinals

Solving the problem of missing urinals, odour of urine in public urinals, lack of water to clean these urinals.

Solve Ninja Techno Kit

A kit that simplifies technology accelerated problem solving for Solve Ninjas.

Switchboard mapping

Wasting energy by switching on and off switches unsure of which device it connects to? Here’s a simple hack.

Usage Point Optimiser (UPO)

Solving the problem of excessive water usage.

Smart Water Meter

A real-time smart solution that monitors the daily consumption of water.